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Mastering Later: How to Be Boss on Instagram


Get ready. I'm about to turn your (Instagram) world upside down.

I’m about to introduce you to your new best friend. It helps me bring you awesome images like these on the daily:

SJ - Instagram photos
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Maybe you’ve hung out in the same crowd (because brands, small businesses and well-known personalities all over Instagram LOVE this thing), but you never really got to know each other…yet.

Have you heard of Later (previously Latergramme), and are you using it?

NO? Let’s fix that!

I’m super-excited to show you around.

What the heck IS Later?

Later is web-based software (and a mobile app, too) that lets you schedule out your Instagram posts ahead of time. It also makes it SO EASY to search for other people’s posts and schedule those to be reposted in advance, too. If Instagram is where your people hang out, you’re going to love it.

You’ve probably heard how auto-posting is against Instagram’s terms of service. It’s a pretty quick way to get your account banned! But Later has your back and sends your phone a push notification when it’s time to post, so you activate just one post at a time and you won’t risk getting the boot.

And if you’ve ever gotten lost in the gorgeous world of Instagram when you KNOW you should be getting other sh*t done, trust me you’ll be thinking, “Later, where have you been all my life?”

Why is Later #dabomb?

1. Later is FREE if you want to it to be.
A free plan gets you 30 posts per month, 2 Social Profiles, and 1 User. If you want to use the free plan forever, nobody’s going to crash the party and make you upgrade and pay a bunch of fees.

If you’re into paid plans and looking to upgrade, they’ve got that, too.


Mastering Later for Instagram 1


2. Later's not all up in your business.

So get this. It’s the perfect add-on to Instagram, but they don’t have to access any of your Instagram account info (and that means they don’t even ask for your Instagram password!)

3. You can collaborate with your people AND manage multiple accounts.
You can connect your Later account to multiple devices AND to multiple Instagram accounts. Later makes it easy for your team to work together and sync everything up.

Got team members who want to schedule some posts for you? Later's got you covered, just click on the “Add A Team Member” icon (and keep in mind this is part of the paid plan).

And see how I’m using Later to manage my Instagram account? If I wanted to add another Instagram account, I’d just click “Add Social Profile” below.


Mastering Later for Instagram 3


4. You get a bird’s-eye view of what the next month of your Instagram posts is going to look like.

See, this is why successful brands love Later. The Instagram grid preview lets you visualize your WHOLE content strategy.

And it’s NOT some boring list! It’s a gallery of your beautiful images, laid out there for you on the calendar.

Badass, right? Here’s my calendar for this month. Those little icons on the calendar are images I’ve uploaded. When I want to schedule more images, I just drag from the gallery on the left, and drop it right into the calendar.

It’s really. that. easy.


Mastering Later for Instagram 4


And hey, you can also keep track of which images you’ve shared and which ones you haven’t shared yet, because Later categorizes them for you. Check it out!

5. Searching for and reposting content is SO EASY.
You can search for hashtags, users, or locations and repost your fave content from your community and share it from your own account later. From the Later web app, click on “Search” and enter a hashtag into the search bar (don’t forget the “#”). If you want to search for a user, use the “@” sign when you type it into the search bar. If you want to find posts from a certain location, just click on the location in a tagged photo.

Here, I searched for #strongwoman (because #ofcourse!).

Mastering Later for Instagram 6


Next I clicked on a post from those search results that looked like it might be awesome. Now all I have to do is click that little “Add To Library” button and it’s saved right in my gallery! That means I can drag and drop it into my calendar whenever I want, just like I can with my own images I’ve uploaded.


Mastering Later for Instagram 7


Reposting other user’s content is the perfect way to collaborate with fellow rock stars in your niche. When you repost content from your Instagram followers, they feel the love. You can even make a hashtag just for YOUR user-generated content. Go wild and put your own spin on it!

6. Caption spacing frustrations = GONE!
Do ya ever feel like pulling your hair out when you try to space out your captions in Instagram? Yeah, me too! Well, here’s a little insider tip for you: Later keeps all of your spacing exactly as you type it out on your computer or phone when it copies your caption over to Instagram. Amazing, right? I felt like I added YEARS to my life when I discovered this trick!

Feeling #inspired yet?!? Get ready to see how dreamy Later is when you’re planning out how you present your killer content and brand to the world.





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