I am a Business Coach.
And... a Business
makes MONEY.

I'm not a "hobby" coach (I could probably use one of those myself!).
I think it's important that I answer…
“What the heck has she even done?” #DoYouEvenSellBro
I ’m in it. I breathe it. Every. Single. Day. This is my LIFE.
I’ve built 2 successful businesses in 2 completely different industries.
I have appeared over 200 times in the media and built my personal
brand up to be one of the most-recognized in my industry, while single-handedly scaling my business across 9 different revenue streams.

What set's Stephanie a part is her straightforward advice, applicable experience and passionate blend of tried and true business methods. Unlike other business coaches in this space, Stephanie has firsthand experience.

-Inc. Magazine

Throwing around statements like “I have a million dollar business” is easy.

Proving it is another. In a world where everyone and their cousin is “coaching”...

You must demand proof before deciding who to trust.

I am so grateful to work with the most incredible entrepreneurs in the world, they deserve my 100000% transparency! I proudly deliver. Messages like this sliiiide into my DM everyday. “What have you done, anyways?!”

I’m not offended, I think it’s what you SHOULD be asking of me. 

In my opinion… if a business coach is promising to teach you something and unwilling to prove that he/she is actually doing it themselves, keep looking.
Just the same as I’d stay away from that diet pop sippin’ naturopath… Find someone who is LEGIT and walks the walk. # NotSorry

I have scaled my own online business from 0 to 1 million with 6 figure MONTHS.

And I’m happy to show you all of it.

Now that that is out of the way, what is more important are the results I get for my clients. After all, the proof is in the praise. Check it out…

Kudos to SJ and her team! I had a $11,000 launch and I have the rest of my year all planned out to keep the momentum going. Take the leap. Do what she’s telling you to do. And do it ASAP. There’s no point waiting!”

– Andrea Maxim

Honestly, I didn’t even have the money to spend, but I knew I would have to find it. Working with SJ was the best decision I have ever made for my business. I’m paying my bills. I am my own boss. I am profiting! I owe all of that to SJ. She will teach you all of the back-end stuff that most entrepreneurs don’t think about. Don’t make excuses. If you’re on the fence, just do it.”

– Travis Darr

I know how hard it is to trust people on the internet but take it from me, SJ is the real deal. I just had a $10,000 launch.

– Oonagh Duncan

SJ changed everything for me! I generated 5K during my first launch and locked in 2K of recurring revenue for the nex t 4 months”

– Jay Wong

I made $10,000 in 24 Hours with my very first online launch! I’m hyper focused, hyper organized and finally no longer scatterbrained. I feel like every hour that I am working is m oving me forward and closer to reaching my goals and getting me to the next level and my revenue has gone way up! Stef gave me the step by step roadmap that I was needing so badly. If you're putting in the work and don't feel like you're getting the results you deserve, SJ is the PERFECT fit for yo u! I made back my investment back right away and have 10x it within 90 days!

– Abby Pollock

Invest in you, invest in SJ. I made my money back in my first 4 weeks. She will force you to get it done.

– Trina Medves

If it wasn’t for SJ, I’d still be coaching 1:1. Finally making money that's not trading time for dollars!

– Lucas Rubix

When you hire a coach, make sure they are killing in their field, walking the walk , and they are a soldier doing the battle just like you. Success is a team effort and I’m happy to say I have SJ on my team. I have transformed my brand and business!”

– Joe Arko

I smashed my goal! I was aiming for 50 people to sign up and…. I got 52! It’s raining $$$ today. Thanks for all the awesomeness SJ.

– Becky Wright

Psst….how many more success stories do you need to see before you become your own?

Let’s talk.

I  gotchu.