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Be the Boss of Your Own Brand!

Visual branding has never been as important in your business as it is today. I mean it's what's on the inside that counts, but we just liiiiiike to look at beautiful things as humans ok?

And here's the thing, you don't need permission to have a shiny brand.. no brand fairy is going to come along and make your brand look expensive, you've gotta give yourself permission and be ready to make it happen, because perception matters. 

I know I talk a lot about business and sales funnels but when I'm being honest..its my front end that brings in my sales, it's what seals the deal when buyers are on the fence. Your BACK end is the sales funnels, systems (and other necessary & nerdy things), and your FRONT end is your brand! For an in-depth look at this concept head >> here.  

This is going to be your ultimate To-Do list for getting your brand out there and in front of your target audience.

But first, you’ve got to commit to taking action.

You’ve got to go big to make your brand SHOW UP!

Let’s go behind the screens, get down to business, and talk website To-do Lists and tips for implementation – your “actionables”. 


  • Your style guide
  • Your WOW website
  • A kick-ass About Me page
  • Pictures & photos
  • Your social media “collective”: your profiles (platforms), optics (imagery), social proof and testimonials
  • You press & media

Once you’ve organized and prioritized your To-do List, you need to decide whether you’ll be doing the recommended changes yourself or outsourcing them.

Then…do them. Like…..NOW!

Ok, here we go – let’s break this bad boy down, element by element.



Always follow your style guide to keep your brand consistent, because as you evolve in your business you will want to be sure that people are recognizing you each time they engage and connect with your brand.

Remember though – you can re-brand whenever you want!

Just go BIG in the moment with the resources you currently have.

your style guide needs: 



✔️  LOGO






  • You should already have your style guide done, if not, get it done!
  • Jump into my Facebook community, and post your style guide – I want to see it! I’m happy to give you feedback on it as well, so be sure to tag me.



You don’t need to go wild with your website if you’re just starting out. There are certainly levels to building up what will eventually become your WOW website.

So don’t worry, you don’t need to hire someone right away and invest a lot of money right out of the gate. Just be sure to make some changes according to your style guide that are consistent with your brand, e.g. update your logo, colours and font throughout your website.

The main thing about your website is that it should be crystal clear to your readers what it is you do!

Crafting a WOW Website – Where the heck do you start?

  • Menu – keep it simple to navigate, and avoid big drop-downs, e.g. Home, About, Blog, Work With Me, Free Resources (or whatever your featured freebie is)
  • White space – people just want to skim your content so be sure that the spacing is eye-pleasing. It is also important that your fonts match your style guide in the context of white space as well.
  • Header images – again, does this show up your brand? Is is clean, simple and uncluttered. Even small adjustments to your pictures, colours and font can make a big difference in the header of your website.
  • Have time to dive deeper? Check out my 11 Website Hacks To Attract Your Dream Client 


  • Check out other people’s websites for inspiration – even your “competitors”. Everyone gets their ideas from somewhere!
  • Make a list of all the things you do not like about your website and what you want to change – be specific! For example, do you not have the right vibe in your pictures? Do you not love your header? Do you not have the colours, fonts, spacing and images that go with your style guide?

Because the technical side of building a website may be out of your comfort zone, this is one thing that you’ll certainly want to decide if you can/want to do the changes yourself, or should you outsource them?

Then, get them done!


Your About page is typically the most visited page on your site.

Why? Because this is often one of the first places on your website that people are going to drop in on, and it is key in establishing your “Know, Like, Trust” factor, or KLT for short.

It is also critical that this piece of content truly reflects who you are and is in line with all of your other branding elements.


  • Spiff up (that’s fancy talk for “content facelift”) your About Me Page and launch it live on your website. Here is a link to my about page (* Use my stuff for inspo anytime but please, please don’t copy it… I’ve seen my stuff all over the interwebs and I know you agree, its just not cool)



This is your opportunity to visually SHOW UP and put yourself out there, and your pictures or photos are the most memorable representation of what your brand is all about.

You must be absolutely clear on how you want to put yourself out there though.

So, ask yourself things like – what’s your vibe? What energy do you want to give off? What words do you want people to think of when they see your pictures popping up in their social media feeds and as they cruise around your website?



  • Create a branding or inspiration board for photo shoots and other imagery. It’s pretty easy to put one together using an image editing app like Canva.
  • Reach out to at least 5 different photogs, showing them your INSPO folder and finding out their availability.  

By the way, there’s never going to be the “perfect time” to get your photos done – so just TAKE ACTION, book the date and make it real!


You may need to wait for your photos to be done in order to create the branded graphics you would like for your social media headers is understandable. However, don’t let this hold you up from getting started with those platforms!

Updating all of your profiles so that you are consistent from one to the next is key.

For example, you don’t want to confuse your audience by using a different photo or image on your Facebook than you do on your Twitter account.

Being consistent across your socials is more professional and memorable!

  • Create consistent social media profile banners or headers, canva makes it easy-peasy  by giving you templates for every social platform 
  • Just update the ones that you currently have, no need to start adding in new profiles at this point!



This is element is all about the “meat” of your posts on social media! Are they in line with your style guide, and are the images in line with the “face” of your brand, as we just talked about.

A good place to start with moving your social media optics forward as you begin to SHOW UP with your brand is to begin creating content in batches when you’re “in the zone”.

The alternative – creating one-off graphics on the fly, doesn’t usually pan out when you’re trying to be consistent.

  • Start with 10 social media posts that are ON BRAND, i.e. following the style guide for the “look” (i.e. colours, style, font, filters) and your Brand Document for the content, i.e. best tips for problems that you’re solving for your tribe

Again, an app like Canva works well for this, or if these creativity-oriented tasks are simply not your thing, then outsource – but either way, get it done!


I’m sure you’ve confidently assured yourself in the past that “I don’t care what people think of me. I am who I am, and I’m proud of that.”

Good for you! Way to rock that self-confidence and moving to the beat of your own drum.

Well, sorry to kick you in the drums, but when your business is your personal brand – it DOES matter what people think!

So much so that you actually need to show the proof that people DO like you and just HOW MUCH they like you! Well, at least that they like your online business persona.

Here’s why…

Social proof and testimonials are literally the best thing you can have for your brand and for your business!

You want to give me a real sense of what it’s like to work with you through the words of others who have already done so.

  • Add social proof to your website, sales pages, and emails – in the same way, that I feel about Himalayan Pink Salt, I want you to sprinkle this stuff all over your brand!
  • Cut them down to show only what is relevant though – in this case, less is more
  • Start keeping a “smile file” – this is your compilation of all the comments, feedback and positive vibes people have sent to you after working with or even just engaging with you on social media




This is an important home base that you want to have once you’ve gotten yourself out there and have started to build up some momentum. People want to see all the different ways that you’re connecting with clients and other brands.

This is where you truly start to shine and give off the impression that “WOW! Now this is a stand-out brand!!

  • collect all your press, guest blogs, speaking gigs, social media takeovers & add it to your site 
  • collect all your client love, screenshots, testimonials, before and afters etc & add it to your site 
  • put your fluff on blast! post on social media, email out, blog about it! This is not the time to be humble 
  • Need a little push? Wanna see how Abby used her Social Proof & boss visual brand to rock a 40k launch? I thought so, Click Here





Get these things done before you move on – you need a WOW! brand.

We want to ensure that you have a brand that is consistent and that you’re proud to show off to eeeeeveryone. We want you showing up like a boss!

If you have questions or need more support on rocking your website and content, be sure to jump into the This Brand Means Business Facebook group    and ask away! 

“You’re a personal brand and you’re allowed to evolve.”

~ Stephanie Joanne (SJ)





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