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How I Design my Own Bangin’ Sales Pages in Canva

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I get so many questions about how I build my sales pages, if I use a designer, leadpages, clickfunnels??

So I’m gonna let you all in on my little secret, yes I use clickfunnels, but the truth to how I make all my sales pages look bangin’ is CANVA. So, I’m letting you behind my screens to show you exactly how I design all the elements of my sales pages with good ol’ canva!




Hack 1: (3:11) Mock ups

Hack 2: (5:03) Testimonials

Hack 3: (6:00) Backgrounds

Hack 4:  (10:15) Visual Stacks

Hack 5: (11:01) Fonts

Hack 6: (12:50) Frames

Hack 7: (13:57) Icons

Hack 8: (14:34) Images

Alright, let's make it real and get started making your own design elements in Canva. How can you upgrade your current sales page using some of these tips? send me the link to your sales pages in our  THIS BRAND MEANS BUSINESS facebook group! #TBMB





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