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15 Reasons Why You Should Start Building An Email List


Straight up….

If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.

And I will come right out of the gates with this post letting you know that I made this HUGE mistake for years in my own business and it kills me to think about how much further ahead I would be if I just listened those crazy “online marketing” types whom kept telling me to “get online”…


Let's skip the painful part and get right point here.

You don’t have a real online business if you aren’t growing a list of emails.

In fact….

Today… 100% of my business is supported by my email list.

And I have repeatable 6-figure monthly launches….

ALL because of my list #MINDSTILLBLOWN…

keep reading….

I'm sure  you're seeing and hearing of everyone build this so called “list”..but maybe you're thinking ..



Here are a few reasons why you should totally start building an email list, and one reason why you shouldn’t.


If there is the tiniest bit of doubt…I've got 15 reasons that say otherwise.


1. Because you are awesome!

Now don’t give me that BS, you hear ;)?

You are AWESOME and that’s that!

Every one of us has something amazing to share with others and communicating with your audience via email has been proven to be the  easiest, most effective and targeted way to do so.

2. Because the list is YOUR business!

Let me put it this way…

Which would you prefer:

A: To promote products in your blog sidebar or in your blog posts and hope that someone may magically buy something one day OR

B: Have a list of raving fans who are waiting for your content (and offers) and are already willing to buy because they need what you are selling/promoting (otherwise they would not be on your email list in the first place)

3. You have an instant & direct line of communication with your community

This is priceless!!!

As soon as you have a thought….and you can scurry up your thoughts into an email with a call to action.. you can make money.

In the “real world” .. aka OFFLINE…It’s very hard to find people that are actually interested in what you do/sell/promote/talk about and it’s even harder to sell them something and it’s even harder to keep them around.

Well, with the magical help of an email list you can do just that. The perfect people… ready to B-U-Y your awesome coaching and/products.

4. The email list is an SUPER DUPER important part of your sales funnel!

Some call it Sales Funnel….

Some call it Sales Process….Cycle….

I call it Business System…

Its the have-a-process-that-makes-you-money-and-sells-your-stuff system.

So whatever you call it. You need it. PERIOD.

And if you have no idea what such a “funnel” thing is (and no its not edible….) then you should jump on my Launch your Online Business training, where I break down the step by step business system blueprint of a funnel.

You need to have people subscribing to your email list and then you need to talk about what you can do for them that will help these people fullfil their needs. Remember these two: email list and sales funnel. They should be 2 of the most important words for your business.

5. Huge business potential

Having a list of people that are responsive to your emails and are buying based on your recommendation is great for your bizzz (aka you pockets..chaaaaaching).

You can pitch this to create affiliate partnerships where you can help each other out and generate more sales by sharing to each others email lists.

The bigger “the list“, the better you have of reaching higher affiliate relationships.

And…growing a list will lead to amazing opportunities you haven’t even considered.

The bigger the list the more chances you have of becoming an influencer in your niche. That means, people will be knocking on your door and ask for an interview with you or for a joint venture.

Just like people are impressed with brands that have a large social media following …. the real marketers know that those who have a list with a large e-mail list are way more dangerous (as in POWERFUL)!

The possibilities are endless once your list has a decent amount of people.

6. You can easily get the all important feedback

Feedback is another very, very, very, very (well you get the idea) important thing!

It can tell you when you’re making a mistake and giving people something they’re just not interested in. This allows you to change your approach and do things better. It’s priceless, believe me!

We all make mistakes from time to time but if no one tells you about them how can you grow? How will you know you aren’t offering the right things if someone doesn’t tell you? You might think you’re very smart and doing things right when in fact you’re just wasting time!.

Feedback in the form of Surveys have been extremly valuable to me….

I just love them. Why? Because they let me know what my target clients pain points really are. It helps me get answers so I know how to help my list even more by answering their pain points.

7. Eeeerbody is doing it….

Or should be doing it because the list is where the money is at!

I am the last person to do something only because others are doing it BUT this is what is working and I am a fan of doing (and following) what is working. And this is it.

If you're not doing it because you're having a little techy breakdown… dontchu worry…

It’s easy to do and I can help you 😉

8. Leverage your list to promote your content and events

As soon as you have a new post up on your blog, you should let your list know about it!

This will drive instant traffic to that post and you can get some feedback quickly.

You always need to give at least one reason why someone should click the link in your email to go and read your post.

Make it benefit oriented and try thinking from the other person’s perspective. You can also use the list to promote webinars, podcasts, ebooks and so on.

9. The number of subscribers you have tells you if your online biz is growing or not

The more you have the better you’ll be regarded by other people in your niche.

The amount of subscribers you have should give you an idea of how things are going.

Each month, you should look at the numbers (and by the way, I LOVE looking over my numbers!) and see how many new subscribers you’ve got in the past 30 days.

You should always aim to increase the number of subscribers month after month.

10. Your list is your main asset

You must put a lot of value in your email list because it’s very valuable and it’s one of the biggest assets your business has and will ever have.

It’s like having money in the bank and who doesn’t want that!?

Just think about it, even if things are not going peachy, if you have a list of 1000+ people, you can just promote a good product to them and potentially make a few thousand dollars in a few days or even hours!

That’s the power of the list, baby!

11. The bigger the list the more you can spread your message around

This is the difference between having 1000 people and 20000 people in your list. The moment you send a message to a 20000+ list, you can be sure there will be many others to share your emails, thus creating a ripple effect and spreading your message/brand.

Free publicity anyone?

12. Email conversations & connections

While most email marketers consider the email to be a broadcast medium you shouldn’t make that mistake.

Always think of the email as a 2 way street and make sure you connect with your audience (or at least with part of it).

Always add a personal touch to every email. After all, those people have probably subscribed because they like YOU!

13. Increasing your subscribers will result in an increase of sales

Once you get to a certain point, you will begin to have some clear numbers and know that for each 100 new subscribers, that increases your odds of sales. This means that if you increase your list with just 1000 new people, your percentage just keeps going up! More subscribers = more sales…it’s a no brainer!

It becomes a numbers game…

Its does feel while that only a small (and I mean SMALL) percentage of your list will actually buy anything…

In my case under 3 percent of my email list has even spent a penny on any of my coaching programs…

BUT… I have a 6 figure/month online coaching business.

Its a numbers game.


14. Email is more popular than Social Media

I know right? You spend so much time on social media but is it paying off?

What would happen if Facebook suddenly releases a new algorithm and your posts aren’t seen anymore?

This won’t happen with email. Email is one of the easiest ways to connect with your followers or potential clients.

Did you know that 85% of people that use the web are using email every single day?

According to this study, only 62% of people use social media sites daily.

I do not consider anyone a prospect UNTIL they are on my email list.

The purpose of social media as I see it is to get people on my email list (and build my brand). That is it…that is all.

I lied.

It does give me a little ego boost once in a while..wink wink.

15. You OWN it

Besides for your website, your email list is the only platform you own.

Think about it..

You have no control over what Instagram does… maybe Kim K breaks the internet at Insta goes away forever or if Facebook decides that you're Facebook friends and fans are no longer accessible to you…

Nothing you can do. You don't own them (even after all those hours and hours growing those babies)


Just to hammer home this point a little more….

Check out some interesting facts about email:

According to a 2012 study, email is still an important part of many people’s work lives, with the average person spending up to 50% of their time in the inbox.

  • The average worker receives 11,680 emails per year with an average of 32 per day.
  • 42% of all email in a person’s inbox is considered essential or critical.
  • Email is still considered by most to be the best collaboration tool for teams and individuals.
  • People use email for more than sending messages: 76% use it to exchange documents and 50% to archive important messages.

Although far from perfect and ever-changing in this world of new and innovative technology, email still plays a critical role in a most people’s lives. Barry Gill from the Harvard Business Review says this:

Email is not dead, it’s just evolving. It’s becoming a searchable archive, a manager’s accountability source, a document courier. And for all the love social media get, e-mail is still workers’ most effective collaboration tool.

With nearly 3.9 billion accounts in the world (according to Radicati), three-quarters of which are consumer accounts, email is far from dead. That number is projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017.

If you’ve been spurning the idea of building an email list because it seems like an outdated technology, it’s time to face the facts. Email isn’t going anywhere.


You convinced?

Gawshhhh I hope so!!!

And now that you know the main reasons to build an email list, there’s one very important question to ask yourself:

What is the point of this email list?

What do YOU want to use it for?

How does it fit into YOUR funnel?

What are you selling?

Never, ever start an email list without knowing its purpose.

BUT when you have figured out why you want to build a email list and what you want to see your audience…

Do not wait another moment and get crackin'






P.S If you're wondering which email service provider I recommend…

There’s only one.

It’s called AWeber (affiliate link).

Why do I recommend AWeber?

It’s easy to use.

And it’s great for small AND large businesses.

Now I have a question for you:

Are you focusing on your email list as your MAIN priority?

If yes, share with me how your email list has helped you and your business in the comments below.

If not, why?


Stephanie Joanne is known online as The Entrepreneurial Enabler and creator of her signature Build Your Empire program. SJ will teach you how to create a brand identity and business model that sells. You will learn the step-by-step strategy she used to attract over 200 media appearances & scale her online business to 1 Million in 18 months. Keep up with SJ if you want to dominate your market by becoming the #1 go to business in your category.


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