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 We've been getting a lot of questions lately about WEBINARS so I wanted to answer them all for you here!



Q 1.  Jessie : How do you make sure people are actually engaged in your webinar? (0:52)

A. It's awesome when people are engaged! Just be sure to set dedicated times to check engagement otherwise it can get distracting. Every 10 minutes or so ask a question and then check engagement. Questions should not be open ended, you can ask for on a scale of 1-10 how…. or a yes or no question. Keep them in line with what you are presenting and what makes the most sense.

Q 2.  Julie : What time of the day works well? (2.51)

A. Usually between 1pm and 2pm. I used to do them at 7pm but even though the registrations cost less the afternoon webbys converted better. Test your audience and see what works best for them. Keep track of how many registered, how many showed up and how many purchased. Look for your trends.

Q 3. Adam : How do you choose a good webinar topic? (3:48)

A. It's similar to a lead magnet. You need to see what you want to coach vs what do your people really want. What do they want solved? You don't need to solve all their pain points but give them 3-5 good takeaways from the webinar. Ask yourself what is the main thing your audience wants. Then see what the 3 main points are and build your webinar around those topics.

Q 4.  Katrina: How many slides are in your webinar? (5:31)

A. I currently have about 160 slides. I have found that when you go fast, engagement stays up. Pretty much every thought has its own slide.

Q 5. Emily : What show percentage should I aim for? (6:22)

A. I like to have my show percentage around 30% but lately it has been lower in the 20% range.

Q 6. Ryan : How do I get my registrants to actually show up for my webinar? (6:58)

A. Very important point, you want to make sure those who HAVE registered Do show up for the webinar. I use an autoresponder email sequence to get them excited about the webinar. I like to create a pre-webinar hype in their inbox every day leading up to the webinar.

Q 7. Julie : What closing percentage should I aim for? (8:58)

A. Industry standards say 3-8% is the normal range. So if you have 100 people register, 30 people show up, 3% are likely to purchase but you could have no sales too. Warm traffic you can get a higher percentage but cold traffic is a lower percentage BUT…it is a great list builder.

Q 8.  Chloe : What if I open up q&a if there’s no engagement? (11:08)

A. It can take time doing webinars to get your engagement up. I didn't do great the first 10 I did but I learned to have some questions ready for the Q and A to answer. This is where the sales happen. Think about what the main objections might be for your audience about why they wouldn't buy what you are selling and be sure to answer them in the Q and A.

Q 9.  Sky : Do you send the replay to everybody who registers? (13:21)

A. If you are just starting out I would send it to everyone who registers. For me, I have stopped sending it to everyone and only to those who showed up because I don't want people to only register to just get the replay. Make sure to put a time limit on the replay and include the webinar bonus and then remember to take the replay down.

Q 10. Khaled : How do you transition to selling? (14:40)

A. No matter what you want to be sure that the people who showed up for your webinar received value during your presentation. A lot of people on your webinar are waiting for your offer, they know they want your offer. Make sure the value is in the beginning of the webinar and always deliver what you promised. If my webinar is an hour long I transition at the 30 minute mark into my sales portion. I usually have a transition slide and ask a question like “How excited are you about building your own online business on a scale of 1-10?” Then I do a quick recap of what I have said and give them 2 options. They can take the information I  just gave them and plug away at it on their own or they can join me and we can work together at building the empire. I'm so excited to announce my new program…

Q 11. Ryan : Do I have to do my webinar live? (19:40)

A. YES. Recorded webinars just do not convert enough. I always like to do mine live because it just works better for my audience.





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