You want media exposure? It all starts with a kick ass pitch.

Getting media exposure is, without a doubt, the fastest way to gain visibility for your brand and business. Achieving the right (the operative word here being “RIGHT”!) press attention is the holy grail of any business owner.

Media exposure can:

Elevate your business to stratospheric levels.

Establish you, the business owner, as an authority and go-to expert in your field.

Send the dollar signs of your bank account into overdrive!

When media exposure is done right, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people within your target audience in very little time, with relatively little effort and with little to no money at all!

You know that your product, program or service is all kinds of awesome right? It can empower people, change their lives or help them make more money.

Now the world needs to know it, too!

But something as impactful as FREE media exposure doesn’t come easy.

You need to be strategic about how you approach the decision makers at the media outlets.

What you need is a kick ass, air-tight, no-brainer of a pitch.



Your pitch needs to grab the attention of the reader, pique their interest and make it impossible to ignore.

I’ve got you covered with the top things you should be thinking about when pitching to the media:


#1 Be short and to the point!

“I can’t wait to read this really long email”, said no one ever.

NO ONE likes a long email. Don’t be the person who writes long emails.

Get to the point and get there quickly. Introduce yourself and your product/service — but avoid long-winded and boring bios. Engage the reader with your story. A story that would speak to their audience. Be clear about how you can help solve a problem their audience might have.


#2 Put their audience front and centre

Show them that you are in their audience’s head! Use language their audience would use. Do some research on their demographics beforehand so you can get super clear on who you’re appealing to.


#3 Be super clear about the VALUE you can bring to their audience

Be helpful. Become a resource. You’re not here to sell. You’re here to make people’s lives better!

Think about it: what are most people interested in? Saving TIME, saving MONEY and looking GOOD. Pick one thing and focus on how you can help them achieve that. Maybe you can do all three — even better! Use hard facts or figures to show how you’ve helped others. If you’ve helped someone lose 100 pounds in 8 weeks, people want to know! If you’ve created a protein powder with ingredients that help to offset cancer and heart disease, people want to know!

You’re an expert. You help get results. Now get to work showing the world!


#4 Show them that you’re IN THE KNOW

Show the media outlet that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your niche.

Referring to a celebrity who’s experiencing one of the problems you’re here to solve is great! Is there anything else in headline news that relates back to what you do? If there’s already something in the press that’s hot news and you can relate back to it, definitely mention it!

When our former Toronto mayor announced he was starting a weight loss challenge, I totally jumped on that and started pitching to media outlets offering my expert opinion on how he should approach it! It totally worked.



#5 Get a celebrity to fall in LOVE with that you do!

Tweet them, Instagram them, whatever it takes to get them to notice you! If they like what they see they’ll share it with their followers and the media will take notice too!


#6 Be OUTRAGEOUS. Show the media that YOU are the news!

Have you created something ground-breaking? Have you developed a new product or service that is “so-hot-right-now’? Give the media outlet the sense that they’ll be introducing something new and revolutionary to their audience — a “you-heard-it-hear-first” story.


#7 Always, ALWAYS incorporate a call to action

Always end your pitch with a call to action that asks a question:

Are you free to talk on the phone on Tuesday?

Where can I send you my product to review?

Are you free to meet on Monday?

Do you need further information from me?

Questions like these prompt the reader to respond and keep the communication channels open.



#8 When all's said and done, your biggest hurdle is getting

the decision-maker at the media outlet to fall in love with you.

You want them to feel like picking you to feature in their magazine, newspaper or show is an absolute no-brainer.

If YOU look good, then THEY look good for backing you. And who doesn’t want to be made to look good?

One thing to always keep in mind is that there are people — real life human beings — with their own set of problems, concerns and anxieties at the other end of the email or phone.

Remember this when engaging with them. Make it very clear to them what they get out of picking you to feature. If you can appeal to these concerns while also highlighting the value you bring to the table then you’re golden!

When you’ve finally put together something that is short, to the point and is jam-packed with value, head on down to that ‘send’ button, HIT IT…

… and get ready for whole new levels of awesome in your business!


If you’re super serious about getting more visibility in the media then download my awesome guide on Sending Your First Media Pitch as a Health & Fitness Pro (plus FREE template!). It includes:

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See you on the media side! 🙂 xxx