You’ve finally found it…

The Ultimate Roadmap to creating and launching your online business (for realz!)

You are here because you’re ready to build your online empire, and you need something that will WORK. You need something that will move you into action and get you RESULTS.

You’re sick and tired of having all of these ideas in your head! You’re ready to take action and get your online business rollin’….


…you aren’t sure where to start….you don’t know exactly who you want to work with….and truth be told….you’re feeling straight-up overwhelmed just THINKING about it!


I was sitting right where you are, staring at my screen, trying to figure out where to start.

Email marketing? Sales funnels? Social media? Lead Magnets? (..wait…what does that even MEAN??)…seriously going in circles.

Where is my digital GPS??

I WISH I had had a step-by-step guide to help me figure all of this stuff out when I was getting started!

I didn’t want you to waste time or feel like you want to pull your hair out like I did.

Soooooo……. I created this guide for ya!

This, my friends, is the Ultimate Resource. Your online business-launching, empire-building, ass-kicking ROADMAP!

*If you’re planning on launching your online business soon, then you’re gonna wanna swipe my 90 Day Launch Planner (this bad boy also includes my entire process for a new program creation)

It is THE game-plan.

It is THE ANSWER to all of you sitting there thinking….

….“I'm so freakin’ overwhelmed”

…..“I’m behind the social media eight ball”

……”I don’t have a gazillion followers”

…..“Ugh… I’m sooooo NOT techy!”

Here’s a dirty little secret…….

You are not  alone.

ANYONE who has ever built a brand or business gets STUCK. It’s part of the game!

That’s when we start thinking…. “well what the %$#& do I do now??”. #amiright?

That’s where I come in!

I’ll take your vision for your biz and help you build your empire (and make some serious cash!) by mapping out a personalized plan so that you’ll know exactly what to do and when, in order to make it happen!

…What’s goin’ onnnnnn???

I’m SJ and I get ALL UP in your business (literally) to walk you over from the land of “what-the-heck-am-I-doing!!!” to “I’m running my biz #likeaboss!”. I’m as close as it gets to having your future successful, money-making self, telling you what you should do RIGHT NOW to get there.

Because I’ve done it.  And now I spend my days building online businesses as a coach and mentor with BADASS, modern-day entrepreneurs just like you, to bring your ideas to life.

I TOTALLY KNOW how you feel!  

When I got started, I didn’t have someone to help me figure this whole online thing out, which is why I created this system – so that you don’t have to go through all of the frustration and overwhelm I did.

You’re in luck!  I took everything I learned from every mistake I made and every win I had and  turned it into a system that is easy to digest and implement so that YOU can swipe my business model and systems and build your online empire.

Btw – I’m not talking about an on-the-side-hobby-thing. I’m talking about an actual, LEGIT BUSINESS.

I have built a 7-figure online business (yes! generating multiple 6 figures a month in sales using the system I am teaching right here on this page).

They key is to GET FOCUSED.

No more trying to do a million different things at once.

No more shiny-object syndrome.

If you really want to build your online empire, it’s time to commit to implementing this business system from beginning to end.

Ready to stop talking and start taking action?

Perfect. Me too!

To make sales you need a system.

Leads on one side and profits on the other.




I know SYSTEM isn’t exactly the sexiest word…

But I tell ya…when those systems start making insane profits while you’re making mega impact with your online business… they become real sexy, REAL FAST.

You know what word will NEVER be sexy here? TRY.

You’ve heard the saying…”Do or do not. There is no try.”?

So before we start diving into anything else, I need you to drop that word from your vocabulary. Throw it in the trash. Burn it. Forget it. (aaaah. so much better without that clutter taking up so much space in your head right??)

You’re not just another  ___(insert your profession)____  who

…… is trying to build a business online….

……is hoping to maybe one day be profitable….

……will maaaaaybe figure this all out one day…

I need you to commit to your mission with me.

A mission to build a REAL BUSINESS.

YES…a business with systems!

This is not the kinda stuff you can expect to just figure out on your own.

This is definitely NOT the stuff they teach you when you get certified in whatever industry you’re in.

This IS however, the stuff that is being implemented every single day by PROFITABLE coaches and business owners.


As an Online Entrepreneur (which you are if you’re trying to leverage online and social media channels to reach potential customers/clients) you must know that there is ZERO chance your business will work without real systems in place.


This is your step-by-step roadmap to implementing your own business system, so bookmark this page so you can reference it easily.

As a brand & business coach to online entrepreneurs, it is my ultimate mission to help you build this system and to get you ahead of 95% of your peers. SWEEEET!



The best way to launch your business is to start looking at it as a series of projects.

So, what’s the first project?

I want you to go through this roadmap knowing that the goal is to LAUNCH ONE OFFER. Once you've launched one offer you can duplicate this process to launch offer after offer #LikeABoss.


Step 1 » Brainstorming, Prep work &  Offer key decisions

Step 2 » draft your offer page (copy only)

Step 3 » launch your live offer page

Step 4 » create your freebie

Step 5 » launch opt in & ty pages

Step 6 » auto email sequence

Step 7 » Launch your business engine

Step 8 » drive traffic (*celebrate)

Step 9 » Create Your Offer Content and Post Purchase Process


STEP 1 » Brainstorming, Prep work & Offer Key Decisions

As an expert, your goal is to understand who your ideal client avatar really is. It’s to understand what is going on in their world, what are their major pain points and identify the ONE PROBLEM you can truly solve for them.

And I'm not talking about the basics here.

For example, if you're in the fitness/health industry…saying your audience wants to  “lose weight” or they want to “improve their energy” is not good enough.

You need to get to know your audience intimately.

What keeps them up at night?

What’s the ONE THING that if they could find a solution would make life so much easier?

What do they want SO badly, they can taste it?

Once you’ve figured out their major pain points, you can your expertise, creativity, and ambition to help them FINALLY achieve their goals. Your first step is to truly identify the ONE pain point/challenge you are going to solve for your ideal customer.

REMEMBER: Buying is an emotional decision! If you do not tap into the emotion of your prospects, you will have a hard time selling them anything.


Once you have the leads (emails inside your email service provider), it’s time to (slowly) sell them your offer/program.

When you design your offer(programs and/or services), you’ll want to think about the offer that is right for YOU in terms of how you want to work with your clients, and most appropriate for your dream clients.

There are a couple of things to consider here:

  • Brainstorm some of the advantages you offer as a brand and business:

*As a personal brand you get to choose how you want to show up. People are attracted to buy from people they like. As you answer these questions, think about some other experts who you identify as being successful in their industry and start thinking about what it is that comes to mind when you think of them. This exercise is to help you determine what other people are going to think of you when your brand and business (as well as services or practice) come to mind.

  • What are the specific problems/challenges you know you can solve?
  • What do you do for people that is so amazing?
  • Why are you different?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What do you want people to say about you (even when you’re not there)?
  1. Build around ONE specific transformation.

Your offer should not try to solve everything that your avatar is going through, even when you feel you have all the solutions. Break it down into ONE specific transformation.

  1. Design around Results.

It’s best to reverse engineer the experience of your service based on what you feel authentically makes sense and is in the best interest of your clients and their results.

With this in mind, you can consider what it will take for them to go through this transformation.

    • Do they need to talk to you one-on-one?
    • Is this realistically something they can accomplish in X amount of time?
    • How many times per week do you need to be in contact with them to make sure they are on the right path?
    • What type of support does this transformation require?

These new prospects are new into your community and as cold leads, they need to get to know, like and trust you as the expert before they are ready to accept an offer from you.

AVATAR DEEP DIVE » Spend some time getting clarity on WHO is your offer for (your ideal dream clients/customers)

Who is your ideal client avatar?

  1. Gender?
  2. What age range?
  3. What do they do for fun?
  4. Where do they hang out online?
  5. Where do they hangout offline?
  6. What are his/her favorite stores?
  7. What is it about you that they love?
  8. Are they conservative?
  9. Do they enjoy humour?
  10. Does swearing offend them?
  11. What are their main pain-points/challenges?
  12. How does this make them feel?
  13. What would make them so freakin' happy?
  14. What are their greatest fears (as it relates to not achieving the result/transformation your business offers)?
  15. What do they wish for so deeply that they do not even say it out loud?

What are the problems or pain points your dream clients are currently experiencing (which your expertise, coaching or services provides the solutions to)?




Alright, now that you’ve nailed down your strengths, chosen the problem you want to solve and clarified your client avatar, you’re ready to make the key decisions for your offer.


PAYMENT PROCESSOR » How will you be taking payments? Paypal, Stripe etc.

EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER » Make sure you have an ESP (Email Service Provider). Options include: Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, ConvertKit etc.

LANDING PAGE BUILDER » Where will you be building your Landing Pages? Your website? Options include: Leadpages, Clickfunnels etc.

OFFER TYPE » What type of offer will you be launching

*Can include more than one of the following (but does NOT have to)…

1:1 COACHING (Online or Offline)

SERVICES (Online or Offline)

ONLINE INFO PRODUCTS (Membership sites, Video etc.)

EVENTS (Online or Offline)



OFFER DELIVERY METHOD » How You Are Going To Deliver Your Offer

*Can include more than one of the following (but does NOT have to)…

Online Calls (Zoom or Skype)

In Person Sessions


Video Lessons

PDF + Workbooks

Members only Private Facebook Groups

Physical product

OFFER LENGTH (*IF APPLICABLE) » This does not apply to everyone (ie. product based businesses etc.)

»How long will your offer be (days, weeks, months)? Or how many sessions? Modules?

STEP 2 » Draft your offer page (copy only)

The most effective way to determine how your offer will break down is to draft your Offer page.

(Yes, even if you have yet to create your offer, this will help you do it)

I'm not talking about the typical sleazy page that might be coming to mind when you're thinking about online marketing. I'm talking about strategic sales copy that is specific to the services that you offer and the pain points of your prospects.

The Internet and social media are undeniably changing the marketing landscape and how consumers make decisions. No longer is it sufficient to rely on a word-of-mouth business to drive an offline business model.  

Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. YOUR CLIENT: The majority of people will look you up (Google, social media, reviews etc.) before calling or coming to see you. This is HUGE. Think about the last time YOU bought anything before reading the reviews or doing a simple search.
  1. YOU: Your customers are spending more time online than they are watching TV, reading     a magazine or a flyer. Let’s be honest, they’re probably spending more time online even when  they’re out “socializing”. #guilty

If you want to succeed in today's marketing landscape, you have to wrap your head around the mindset that you need to implement online marketing strategies even if you want them to support your offline business.

With these 2 things in mind, we have to change the way we market and promote ourselves.

This means we have to create an online presence along with marketing material (blogging, emails, social media etc.) that sells. (Translation: it SPEAKS to your audience exactly when and where they are ready to hear you.)

By creating compelling sales copy alongside a strong brand, you are creating a presence that tells people exactly what you do, and more importantly, funnels them to your Big Goal which is to take action and work with you!  

Sections to include are:

  1. HEADLINE » Address and a call out the “problem”
  3. SUB-HEADLINE » Clearly State WHAT your offer is and WHO it is for so that the reader immediately knows they are in the right place
  4. CALL OUT THE “PROBLEM » Aggravate the “problem” (3-5 questions calling out your reader and the main challenges they are facing as it relates to your topic).
  5. INTRODUCTION & WEAVE IN YOUR OWN STORY AND CREDIBILITY »  “You’re in the right place” / “I get you”.
  6. INVITATION » Introduce them to your offer and what it is
    1. Repeat Name of Offer
    2. Repeat Sub-headline
    3. List 3-5 Offer Sales “Bullets” (ie “Easily go from a struggling blogger to killin it each week”)
    4. “What You Get” section »  List what your offer includes  (ie coaching calls, workbooks, meal replacement shakes etc) with 1-2 sentence description
  7. TESTIMONIALS » Add written testimonials and/or screenshots (*If you have them)
  8. CTA (CALL TO ACTION SECTION) » Add button linked your order form or connect with you page
  9. OFFER BREAKDOWN (*If applicable) »  Break down the modules or weeks.
  11. ADD MORE TESTIMONIALS (*If you have them)
  12. OFFER GUARANTEE (*Optional)
  13. FAQ (*Optional)

STEP 3 » Launch your live offer page

*If you haven’t done this already, you’ll need to choose the landing page builder that you want to use ( website, Clickfunnels, Optimize Press (in WP), etc..)

step one transfer your offer page copy to your landing page builder

step two create graphics and upload to your landing page builder

step three link your cta (order form or application)

STEP 4 » Create your freebie

Create Something That You Can Give Away For Free.

…A Checklist , A Guide, A Video Series –  Something Of High Value So That Your Dream Clients Are Excited to Enter Your Business Engine (Email List/Community)!

So, exactly how are you going to do that??

You’re going to create a kick-ass freebie that solves ONE PROBLEM your ideal client avatar is going through so that it’s be a no-brainer for them to give you their email address in exchange for your solution to their problem aka your LEAD MAGNET.

Your Lead Magnet is an irresistible offer that pulls them into your world and gets them onto your email list so that you can continue to build a relationship with them and invite them to work with you (because that’s what it’s all about!).

Here’s how it all breaks down…

You strategically place your freebie (Lead Magnet) in front of your dream clients (more about how to do this in Step 8) and present them with the opportunity to receive the freebie (via a specific webpage which we’ll create in Step 5) in exchange for giving you their email address.

As soon as they opt in, you send them a welcome email saying “HERE IS THE GIFT I PROMISED YOU!”

This email is automatically set up to follow up with a series of emails to strategically offer them your services and or products (more on this in Step 6).

*If you are not familiar with email marketing, don’t worry. These automated email series’ and auto-responders are very simple to set up in all email service providers (MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and many more).


» PDF Resources (Guides, Blueprints,

Workbooks, Case studies, “How to”)

» Webinar Training

» Video or Audio Lessons

» Challenges

» Email courses

» Contests & Giveaways (“Enter to Win”)

Step 5 » Launch opt in & ty pages

*If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll need to choose the platform you’re going to use for this (website, Optimize Press, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, etc..)

When it comes to your Opt in page, there is only ONE goal – to get people to SIGN UP.

ONE page.

ONE goal.

ONE action.

…got it? Let’s go!

There are three key elements to your Opt In page:

  1. The Headline: Does it INSTANTLY grab attention? (hint: does it SPEAK to your audience…does it catch them “in the feels”?)
  2. The Benefits: Tell your audience what they get for signing up.
  3. The Call to Action: If you don’t ask for action, you will never get it. Tell them to sign up. If you’ve done one and two right, this one will be easy!

Once they’ve opted in, you’ll need to re-direct them to a Thank you! Page where you’ll congratulate them on saying YES to your offer, and let them know their freebie is on the way to their inbox!

Start by making a genuine human connection with them so they know it isn’t a robot on the other end. You can/should add the link to your FREE Facebook Group (if you have one) on your TY page (and in your autoresponder emails) to help bring them into your world and start communicating with them directly.

Welcoming them into your online world is just the beginning!

STEP 6 » Auto email sequence

Here is a quick recap:

In Steps 1-5, you…

  • Nailed down exactly who it is that you’ll be serving, their biggest pain points and how you’re going to help them finally get results (via your program delivery method).
  • Created your Offer page, breaking down your offer step-by-step so that your clients will know exactly what they’ll get and the transformation they’ll see once they complete the program with you! Exciting!!
  • Went LIVE!!! Your Offer page is now built out in your landing page builder – graphics, buy buttons and all – and you are ready to rock (aka sell!)!  
  • Created your irresistible, high-value lead magnet to give your client avatar in exchange for their email address so that you can bring them into your amazing community.
  • Did a bang-up job of putting together your optin and thank you pages so everyone could access your lead magnet

PHEW! That’s a ton of work! Great job!

Now you’ve got 2 options (depending on whether you offer is ready for sale)

OPTION 1 Nurture only* email autoresponder (this is the option you’ll choose if your offer isn’t ready for sale + it’s the email sequence your new subscribers will get immediately after opting in to receive your freebie)

*’Nurture only’ means that you will not be linking to your offer page in this autoresponder. The goal is to grow your email list and build a know-love-trust relationship with your new subscribers before you send your live promotion emails (sending them to your offer page)

Option 2 sales sequence autoresponder

Well, you can’t just send people to your sales page. They need to warm up to you! This is where the email sequences comes in.

What is an email sequence?

An email sequence is specific number of automated, pre-written emails that get sent to your subscribers in a specific order over a specified period of time. It’s called an autoresponder because it’s an automated process.

So you write it in advance and upload it into your email service provider and queue it up to go out on certain dates and times. Doing this strategically and consistently will create those constant touch points, which is what you need!

These emails are directed towards a specific call to action (links to click within those emails), which direct to your sales page.

Here are examples of what this automation looks like inside of the email service provider (varies based on which one you use):

Stephanie Joanne Brand Coach Fitness Business

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.10.20 PM  

An autoresponder series can fit in at any point where a person joins your email list. For example, when a person opts-in to get your freebie (lead magnet) they are joining your email list and this action can trigger your email autoresponder to kick off

The goal of these emails are:

  • Establish a relationship
  • Get them to know you and what you are all about
  • Show them that you GET THEM
  • Prove to them that you know what they are feeling
  • Show them that you have solutions

And offer them an invitation to work with you. In these emails you could be sending a link to go to your Offer/Sales page or to book a call with you, in which case you would sell your program from the call instead.

*If you’re going to send them to book a call, you can use a free scheduler like, Calendly or Schedule Once to automate this process.

Step 7 » Launch your business engine


Your OPT IN redirects to your THANK YOU page after successful opt in

Your emails are SCHEDULED in your ESP (set up as an autoresponder)

Your OPT IN page is integrated with your ESP

Your FREEBIE is immediately delivered in your first automated email

Your automated sales emails link to your OFFER PAGE***

Your offer page has a live CALL TO ACTION (BUY OR CONNECT LINK)***

Your Order page is working ie. payments can be made

STEP 8 » drive traffic (*celebrate)




»Leads cost one of two things TIME OR MONEY.

»The two traffic methods are SOCIAL MEDIA and FACEBOOK ADS.

»The entire sales process is kick started by TRAFFIC.

»The goal is to drive TARGETED traffic to your OPT IN PAGE.

How dreamy would it be if all we had to do was be awesome and our perfect clients would just find us?

Welllll, that’s not exactly how it works! #truthbomb

Everyone is being inundated with marketing messages every single day. As the expert, you need several touch points with your followers before they finally upgrade their “follower” status with you and “subscribe” to your community, eventually graduating to customer status!

I’m sure you’ve spent some (or a lot) of time thinking… “How am I going to get my brand and practice out there?”

What you should actually be thinking is…

“How am I going to get my services in front of my dream clients and offer them something so irresistible that they give me their email address? This will give me the chance to earn their trust as they get to know, like and learn from me (via all the awesome content I plan on sending them inside their email inboxes)… so that I can eventually sell them something that is exactly what they need!”

Did you catch that? The goal is to collect email addresses and build relationships.

Now, of course, there’s more detail that goes into this.

And I give you a step-by-step process (including a free worksheet download) in this free training about creating profitable online courses.

In the meantime…

The thing to remember is…

When you finally do set everything up, it's a numbers game; the more leads you attract into your business system, the more clients, patients or customers you will have.

Luckily, there are literally hundreds of ways in which you can generate leads. Here are the lead generation strategies I have personally implemented into my business as a service-based professional:  

  • Leveraging my existing network
  • Social media marketing
  • Events and appearances
  • Webinars
  • Website opt-ins
  • Contest and giveaways
  • Challenges
  • Partners, affiliates and guest blog posts
  • Paid options (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Instagram Advertising)


Which are the three lead generation options you feel would be most effective for your brand, business and services?

It is most effective to focus on only 1-3 of these options at a time and execute them.

As you experiment with these options, and as your brand grows, you will begin to have favourite methods and you will also learn which ones are most effective in terms of bringing in qualified leads and warming them up.

Wait, let's make it real. Before you move on, decide on the three lead generation options you think you want to start with.

Got them? Awesome!


Hopefully you can see that implementing this system is the answer and it will make all the difference for your brand and business!

Yes, there are many layers to this system and it does take work to implement, but when it is all in place, you will know you have a business that will convert for you!

Can’t wait to watch you WIN!

STEP 9 » Create Your Offer Content and Post-Purchase Process

☐ Complete your offer content

☐ Write post purchase email sequence (these are the emails your clients/customers will get after successfully purchasing your offer)

☐ Post purchase emails are uploaded to a separate “members only” list in your ESP (email service provider).

☐ Your welcome/success email includes details on both how the program works, what is included and how your members will receive their content.

☐ Any additional post purchase emails are uploaded to the same autoresponder.

*Optional – If you’d like, you can segment your email lists to remove any subscribers from one list if/when they join the members list.

Offer Delivery is set up

☐ If you are delivering your offer content via email, your program content is linked inside your post purchase delivery emails.

☐ If you are delivering your offer content in a membership website, your membership website is ready.

☐ Confirm that your post purchase process is ready to go (after successful payment is received for your offer). You need to test this!

☐ Your post purchase email autoresponder is triggered after you’ve received a payment

☐ My payment processor and ESP are integrated. If they are not, you can use Zapier

☐ Post purchase receipt is being delivered. (This is likely already setup to automatically trigger after a successful transaction via your payment processor, but double check)

You’ve made it! You’ve now got all of the pieces in place to run your online business system so that you can generate leads and start making some SERIOUS MONEY!