(BUT I have to get sh*t done)



We all can procrastinate sometimes when it comes to things we really don't want to be doing

…especially when it is something new that we haven't done before… or we know there's gonna be an annoying learning curve and we would rather be doing ANYTHING else, 

BUT isn't it crazy when we sit down and focus on the task, we can get a lot D-O-N-E.

I want to help you take that FEAR out of the equation and just GET SH*T DONE!!!


This is what I did yesterday.  


I parked my butt down and told myself I'm not getting up until I finish this leadmagnet and take it all the way to having my Facebook ads launched.

and let me tell you I was NOT in the worker-bee kinda mood 

but I played this little game with myself and…. 


Sometimes you just gotta do it!

…and the more you do, the easier it will become.


In this post I will show you that I launched:

  • a new lead magnet
  • opt in page
  • thank you page
  • and set up Facebook Ads

AND how it went down in 2 hours!

As I was doing this, I time stamped the process for you in this blog so you can see my “race against time” and  step by step of exactly what I did.

Race against time?

Yea….I am victim of frequent (and intense) entrepreneurial procrastination.

And to fight this mega problem …so that my business works…I've learned to create certain “systems” (more like games) for myself. I feel like they are kinda embarrassing, but I went LIVE on my Facebook page to share my Anti-Procrastination and GSD methods.

If you're also frequently in the I-just-don't-want-to-work zone, you may want to check this video out…(when you watch – no judgements please lol)



 Are ya ready???


9:35 PM 

It's 9:35 PM…

The big mission tonight is to launch my new leadmagnet and facebook ads to get new leads to Opt-in to my email list.

I talk a lot about lead magnets and making sure they are awesome (check out this video), but just a quick pep talk on Leadmagnets….

It has to be GOOOOOD and they should HAVE to have it! AND it's a freebie so = no brainer.

There is a difference between what they SAY they want and what they actually NEED. You need to talk in their language and identify what they really want. You DO NOT need to solve ALL their problems in one lead magnet. Just ONE amazing solution to one pain point.

Your challenge or lead magnet shouldn't be too long, you want them to be able to complete this so they feel a sense of completion.

Also…it should have a call to action (CTA) at the end like join my program…wink wink


I just finished my leadmagnet PDF in CANVA

(this is the actual gift/freebie people get for opting in…)


Finished my pdf download in canva


I downloaded it from CANVA as a PDF and reviewed it to make sure formatting and links are okay are working correctly…


Screenshot 2016-12-01 21.36.47


9:42 PM


After the PDF is all good and ready to go (spell checked…#kinda), I uploaded it to Amazon s3 (where I store my PDFs) to give it a home on the internet. 2016-12-01_21-39-43


9:46 PM

It's 9:46 PM and I'm just gonna get a little fancy and create a mock up…

The app I love to use is free and is called Mockuphone. There are all kinds of options for you to choose from cell phone, ipad, tablet to any type of computer.

This is the one I decided to go with…be sure to create an image the size that they suggest or it might not turn out how you expected. When you use Mockuphone, it sends a copy of the mockup to your email and you can move forward from there.


Screenshot 2016-12-01 21.47.11



I download this mock up and take it to Canva to step it up one more notch…

(not really necessary but thats how I roll)

Ill be using these images shortly on my opt in page and in my Facebook ad images.

There are all kinds of images out there and in Canva that you can add to your mockuphone image. I added a journal type notebook and a pen this time.

You likey??? 😏


Screenshot 2016-12-01 21.50.35



9:52 PM

It's 9:52 PM and it's time to set up the backend…techy life…

When someone opts in by requesting to be sent your Lead Magnet, your email provider should send it to them using an autoresponder. So you don't have to do this manually each time.

I just created the email to deliver to my new opt-ins and set tags in my email program which is Infusionsoft. When you want to be able to identify which lead magnets someone has opted into, tagging them with something recognizable will help you in the future, ex. downloaded ONE SECRET TRICK…then when I want to send these people something else that I know they will be interested in, it will be easy peasy for me to know exactly who to filter in my list.


Screenshot 2016-12-01 21.57.28


9:59 PM

9:59 PM and moving on to build my opt in page in Leadpages... (I also love  Clickfunnels  but I'm feelin' leadpages tonight)

(this is where they give their email info to add to your list!)

Remember, you want your lead magnet to be valuable and have a killer headline! It should grab their attention with the headline and sub-headline.


It's 10:15 and I'm not loving this opt in page at all but it's integrated and done … I plan on coming back to it later… time to move on. #IMPERFECTACTION


Screenshot 2016-12-01 22.15.41

10:15 PM

Just building a quick thank you page so they know that the freebie is on its way to their inbox shortly.




That was pretty easy because I just copy pasted another one and changed some text…


10:21 PM

Installed my facebook pixel so I know when there is an opt in on my page. Moving to WordPress (my website) to create my URLS using the leadpages plugin.






Okay so that one worked…


And of course this could not go down without a techy hiccup…it happens…just keep going…

As I go to create my Thank You page I'm getting error messages! 

Ugh it's 10:24 PM let's see how long it takes me to figure this out…


WOOOHOOOOO 10:29 PM problem solved and both the opt in and ty page are live!




10:34 PM

Time to jump pack to Leadpages opt in page and link the TY url




It's 10:34 PM and it's time to test FINGERS CROSSED!!!!



10:38 PM and I have a new opt in launched and completely integrated… can I get a heck yasss?


 STEP 10
10:50 PM

Now… time to drive traffic.

Back into my friend Canva to create fb ad images…lucky I've done this before and can edit previous ones (and add that nifty mock up I created earlier).

eeek it's 10:50 pm…


Screenshot 2016-12-01 22.52.38



10:53 PM and on to my LEAST favourite part…

 STEP 11
10:53 PM

Creating sales copy.


It's dreaded but I need some bangin sales copy for my Facebook ad


You want it to grab their attention and be valuable and intriguing…they are NOT gonna want to miss this!!!


People are getting so selective to what they want to spend their time on soooooo make it good!


Yikes it's 11:11 PM and I just finished my ad copy…



Screenshot 2016-12-01 23.11.20




Off to create my ad and then I'm d-o-n-e.

(until tomorrow when I have to check how it's performing)



11:34 PM

11:34 PM and launched 10 different ads that are now in review with fb…

AND I am donezo!

2 hours later and I'm ready to rock with a brand spankin' new lead magnet and funnel ready to drive traffic to. If you're anything like me and need a little fire under your a$$ then give this little game a try! 


PS: If your lead magnet is ready to roll and you wanna create a FULL launch of your signature offer in the next 60 days then download my launch checklist below for a complete master project plan!