Let's go through a walk through of creating a Facebook Ad in real time!

By no means am I an expert in Facebook ads but what I do know is how to get them to work. I will take you through my process and any questions you have just comment below or in This Brand Means Business Facebook group.

I know as entrepreneurs when you are getting started it can feel overwhelming but just take it one step at a time and let me walk you through this process. After watching this video you will know how to get your Facebook ad up and running.

I have already created the images I want to use and have them ready to go to save time during this live walk through so let's get started!

Get the step by step process here in this video.




Hack 1 (0:54) Copy and images created ahead of time.

Hack 2 (4:06) Understand the 3 different layers of FB ads (campaign, ad set, ad)

Hack 3 (5:08) Add 2 images to see what converts

Hack 4 (6:33) Install FB Pixel code on thank you page

Hack 5 (7:09) Pixel helper

Hack 6 (11:48) Create custom conversions in FB

Hack 7 (12:21) Power Editor

Hack 8 (12:38) Launch a campaign

Hack 9 (13:47) Create your first targeting group

Hack 10 (16:33) Reach should be around 500,000

Hack 11 (26:04) Duplicate the ad set for other targeting groups

Hack 12 (29:16) Launch


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