How to Stack Your Offers:


Today we're talking about the “BIG PICTURE” of your business. Often when you are just starting out you want to do ALL THE THINGS in your business and I hear ya, but you need a strategy, let me explain how…




Your business is like an upside down triangle (1:56)

yep, you read that right, and I'm not talking about any pyramid schemes…. all the different sections of the triangle are different offers within your business.

Your least expensive, and lowest barrier offers are the base of your triangle. You should be able to take on more people at a lower price here.

As you descend down the funnel your offers will get more expensive and more exclusive, meaning you will take on fewer and fewer people. Keep that in mind when designing your offers.  

The greatest barrier and biggest goal is to get people into your funnel (3:42)

This is the goal, attract qualified leads into your triangle! It is much easier to attract people (especially cold leads) into your funnel at a lower price point. 

Start with your signature offer (5:05)

What I suggest starting with is ONE LAYER, the sweet spot is your signature offer. Start with this layer and build out the complete funnel. It should be mid-low end so that you can get people into your business model and start making consistent income without needing thousands of people on your email list. 

This is the sweet spot (7:05)

This increases your take-rate. Focus on the $300-500 mark. 

Once they are on your email list, this is the goal (7:55)

The goal is to continue to move people down your triangle and continue offering them different layers of your triangle! Don't forget to nurture the leads as they flow through your triangle, not just making offers. 

Everything will come together and you can put it all into play (9:54)

Keep the BIG PICTURE in mind, but finish everything for one offer at a time. You don't have to have all these layers in your business, but if you have tonnes of ideas (I know you do…), this is how you can put them all into play. 

Q: Does each layer need a funnel? (10:55)

A: yes, you can have a funnel for every layer of the triangle, but you could also create ONE opt-in that you then funnel to different layers of your funnel.