Don't you just love it when a satisfied client sends you a gushing email or you stumble on some awesome social media love? Is there anything better than a satisfied customer? Yes! A satisfied customer that wants to tell the world how amazing you are!

So rather than simply reading their fabulous feedback and feeling like you're on cloud nine for the rest of the day, let's harness that awesome content and make the most of it!!

In this week's quickie video, I talk about how I organize feedback from my clients to get the most out of it.

Any time someone says something about me, my business, my coaching, I take a screen shot and save it in my ‘smile file'.

It's super important to keep feedback and testimonials on file so that next time you are looking for content for your sales pages, testimonials page, marketing materials or social media accounts, you can reach for all the amazing feedback you've accumulated.

Over the years, all the kind words add up and if you don't save them in a smile file, they tend to get lost. I love having so many authentic testimonials on file to quickly grab and go when I need them.

Feeling ready to do this?!? Amazing! Now let's channel that energy into getting things done!