Show of hands please……

How many of you know you need to post more (to social media) and be more consistent with your blogs and blah blah … and inside your little mind..all you are thinking is..



Well….you do.

AND it's kinda one of those things you either need to get a hold of

..or drown behind the sea of experts who are figuring it out.

Lucky for you … you have me. (virtual hug please)…


I am going to show you the behind the scenes and step-by-step process my team and I use to get this process rockin' and rollin'.

Just so you know… I call any social media posts “SWIPES”…

Because what you are going to do is create a whole bunch of posts ahead of time in a word or google doc …


Once completed, these will be SWIPED into Hootsuite (aka…copy-pasted).

NOTE>>All my social media swipes have a purpose. Some kind of call to action. Maybe I am promoting a blog, a webinar, an event or booking a call etc.

This guide will explain how to effectively write social media swipes and how the SJ team delivers them.

I use 3 different types of posts based on platform and purpose:

Post Type #1: Facebook type – goes to LinkedIN, Google Plus, FB fan page
Anything where you are speaking to your audience from a business or personal brand voice.

Here you have freedom to use longer posts, but it's important that you are adding value and engaging your followers by posing questions or involving them in your discussion.


waste 5



waste 6


Always leaving an open-ended question, maybe even giving them a teaser or what they are going to expect, making them want more.

Note: Amy Porterfield the Facebook Queen – check out how she masters the Facebook post by making her followers want to click. Remember the goal of the post is to encourage the Call-to-Action. Here is an example of how she teases, and invites you to find out what it’s all about.


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Post Type #2: The Community – Personal FB and FB Group (My community is Branding Junkie). These are people who already know like and trust me

I usually use my post from Post Type #1 but also add my own personal touch to it! The only thing I change here, is making it more casual and conversational – you gotta make these people feel like they're your friend.


waste 8


Post Type #3: Twitter type – Shortened version and more often than other posts – 140 character max including link (bit.ly)

Yes twitter gets its own type..just because of the 140 character cutoff #annoying

Instructions: Best way to make sure your posts stay within 140 characters is… to compose a new tweet inside Twitter:

  1. To compose a new tweet inside Twitter, and watch character count (see screenshot) – don’t forget to hashtag + ly link


  1. Copy and paste into word document (see screenshot)


  1. Now you will have a word doc of perfectly sized tweets (see screenshot)


I like to link my FB and Insta accounts to my twitter account, so everything I post on FB and Insta get automatically populated as a Tweet (see screenshot). Even when they are longer than 140 characters, Twitter will add (…) and link it to the full post on Instagram or FB.


waste 4



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So… what do you think? OR are YOU using a different kinda system I need to know about? If so.. do tell do tell.. I must be in the know!