It was really not to long ago I sat down and had a real biz talk with my buddy and client Joe Arko (you can find his awesomeness here joearko.com). We talked about how our projects were going, and what our plans are and what my experience of moving my personal business model from one one one coaching to my new group program Build your fitness and health empire (which my dreamy clients and I refer to as BYE for Build your Empire of course).

Joe is all business.

He does not play small (one of the many reasons why I love working with him)… and right off the bat he came out and asked….

“How is BYE doing..numbers-wise”?

This was actually the first time someone had asked me about my numbers.


I mean people always say “how's it going”?


…and I simply reply..”really good….yea it's been a great response”


Instead of sharing a figure amount right off the bat… I went into the breakdown…..


“Well I promoted the program for about 14 days… and I got 62 students…. and the cost of the program was anywhere from $1499-$1999 (depending on when they purchased and if they jumped on a payment plan or not), sooooo……..

So instantly his head goes into number crunching mode.


Joe and I are good friends, the kind that talk business at 3 am when we have ideas, so it didn’t surprise me when he busted the calculator on his phone to see what this actually all worked out to….


So after he had some excited words of  profanity to share… we sat there and I mapped it out.

We talked about what worked, what didn’t work, what I would change, how I plan on leveraging BYE moving forwards and all the juicy details that go into pulling this off.

And then in true Joe Arko Style.. I get a facebook notification that I’ve been tagged…


joe arko post


Ummm… back to that pit feeling in my tummy.

I’ll be straight. I do not have Money Blocks.

But of course talking money can feel kinda icky… 

I don’t think I would have posted something so direct as I assume people do the math for themselves…but yepp the cat's outta the bag alright.

And just as this happens….all within the same theme…while I was hosting a webinar for Dan Ritchie's audience that very week, he asked me “so what are you working on this year SJ”? 

Truthfully, I was not prepared for that question so I didn’t have anything planned…

But the first thing that came to mind was…

This year is going to be all about working together with my friends and motivating each other to go bigger and play bigger.

Make money with friends. That's my theme this year.

And for that I’m VERY thankful.

Why? Because friends don’t let friends play small.

(And by “play small” I mean hide out in the corner on mute, minimizing the good stuff that SHOULD be celebrated, for fear of what people may think.)

I’m not sure where you are with your Brand and Business but I really wanted to share this with you because I want to encourage you to think big…and take action…and do not do it alone..and when you get somewhere….


It’s okay to own it.

It's okay to be mega proud of what you do.

It's okay to share.

It's okay to put it all out there.

You do anything and everything you feel you want to.

Just Go BIG and tell the world that THIS BRAND MEANS BUSINESS!



On another note…

I have been inundated with the most incredible message of support and virtual high fives from my peers…my past clients and people who are following along and it's been so encouraging. THANK YOU.

You'll always hear me say how urgent it is that you choose mentors and coaches who have actually DONE what it is you want to do. If your goal it to win the spelling bee…I clearly NOT your gal…

If your goal is to figure out how to build your own passion-fueled-empire as personal brand in a record breaking amount of time ….and you're willing to work your ass off with me as I show you exactly what do and hold your hand while  kicking you off the edge of your own comfort zone…but still hang on to ya so you don't go anywhere…

If you're down for that….I'm your gal!

$110,505 in 19 days… YES…thats a big win for me. I’ve finally really seen for myself how selfish it is to keep these wins to myself.

It is so important that we know what is possible and we see first hand what type of impact we can have when we take action.

Sure, holding back out of fear of what others may think if I share is easy. But I know that doesn’t help you.

So here we go, friend. Time for some liberating… and I’ll go first:

Hi. I’m SJ. I have multiplied my revenue by 7 in my second year of moving my entire offline business ONLINE which a large part was by implementing systems to scale my coaching business and launch my signature coaching programs with a wonderful new BYE fam which includes hundreds of lovely entrepreneurs from all over the world and I’m pretty dang proud of that.

If you’d like to learn more of HOW it all happened, I will be sharing a complete reveal of my 19 day 110K launch soon.

Otherwise, it’s game time (AKA your turn):


What is ONE thing you can be proud of and celebrate with your #TBMB family this week?

And for bonus points, tell me about it! Facebook, Insta and twitter the comments below….you pick.

I am so proud of you because I know as you read this … this means you are thinking bigger! And that's the first step…get out of any little thoughts and allow yourself to GO BIG!

Here’s to amazing friends, doing what we love and making money, embarrassing the crap out of ourselves along the way, and making a mega different.



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