E-mail Marketing Kicks Butt!

In fact, it’s still the best online method for converting prospects into customers or clients.

A critical part of the process begins, however, before a single email is sent.

You’ve got to get people “on your list”in the first place.

I say in quotation because I used to cringe when others said this….all I thought was…

What freakin' list?

But now I get it. And its the HUB of my business.

So what about you?It starts with growing a list.

This happens most effectively at a landing specifically designed to convince the right people to sign up.

Some people call these opt-in landing pages “squeeze” pages, which, in addition to being a derogatory way to think about the process, is also technically incorrect.

Here’s a quick Internet marketing history lesson.

A squeeze page was originally a very specific type of opt-in page that required you to supply an email address just for the privilege of reading a sales letter. If you didn’t buy immediately, you got follow-up pitches.

Sounds crazy now, huh? #RandomFact

I’m about to show you a step by step tutorial of setting up your first opt in page.

**When you're all done and live… leave a link to your opt in the comments.. I'll be offering landing page critiques!

Let’s jump right in.






Choose your mailing software and page building software.

****Recommended mailing software is Aweber 

I am a big fan of Clickfunnels, that is what I have been using, but I've been running into technical nightmares with them so then I started recommending Instapages but after a whole weekend of problems that is now not the option I am going to go with.

Software is always changing and evolving…what I recommend will always be based on what is changing and what is out there. Currently going with Leadpages as it seems safest with integration and safest in terms of the platform working. The top level marketers are using this and the price is about the same as Instapages.

LEADPAGES** Recomended www.leadpages.net

Screenshot 2016-03-06 15.45.27

INSTAPAGES www.instapages.com

Screenshot 2016-03-06 15.44.58

CLICKFUNNELS www.clickfunnels.com

Screenshot 2016-03-06 15.45.54

Note: The following steps are using Leadpages as an example but the same process applied if you are using different software

STEP 1 Connecting LeadPages to Aweber




STEP 2 Building your first opt in page




STEP 3 Opt in page integrations




Step 4  getting the LIVE URL to send people to

Step 5 Hosting your LeadPages on your WP website via plugin (this step is optional and only if you are using WordPress)




***Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me.

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