You publish awesome blog content. 

People read it and love it. 

End of story. 


…or is it?!

Including opt-in popups in your blog posts help boost conversion rates by turning your readers into loyal subscribers. You know you need to grow your email list, so why not do it with the content you're writing anyway?!

If you use a WordPress theme, adding a popup signup forms to your blog posts is super easy thanks to a simple WordPress plugin secret: PopupAlly.

We're going to break down how to create popup signup forms for your WordPress blog in minutes with PopupAlly:

Exit-intent popups allow you to capture lost visitors and have been shown to increase conversion by over 300%.


1. Meet PopupAlly.

Install the “PopupAlly” WordPress plugin through the WordPress Plugins dashboard.

popupally app


2. What do you want?

After the install is complete, you’ll setup your first “Popup.” Under PopupAlly on your dashboard menu, look for Display Settings. Under “Popup 1,” you’ll configure the type of “popup” you want. Check off “Embedded sign up” and choose “end of post/page content.” Below that, you want the pages and/or posts you would like the opt-in to be seen on.

popup guide


3. Introduce your email server.

Now the fun- Login to your email list manage:- AweberMailchimpInfusionsoft, etc.


4. Dig into a little html.

Locate and copy the web form code in the full raw HTML (that means not the Javascript version).

You’ll paste this HTML code into a new “Popup” in the HTML slot for the opt-in code under the “Style Settings” section of PopupAlly on your dashboard menu.

popupally2 guide


5. Brand that opt-in box.

From here, you also choose the style settings that you want to go with for your opt-in box. You can add a header, text, add a logo/image, change your colors, change input placeholders, etc.— anything you want the opt-in to contain. There is a preview box that will show your changes in real-time.

popup3 guide



Now you can grow your email list with traffic you already have! Once you're comfortable with these steps, why not try different forms with different content to see which converts best?




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