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KILL Procrastination

KILL PProcrastination is one very bad habit. I can’t stand when I get into “P” mode.

BUT it does happen. How do I get out of it? Well it is not easy but I made myself a promise when I started with my business that I was going to set deadlines on my own projects and hold myself accountable at levels higher than any employers standard.

The saying, “the mechanic drives the worst car” isn’t that freaking true!  It affects most self-employed people due to the fact that there’s not always someone expecting you to produce something.  It’s fuelled by fear, lack of confidence, and disorganization.  Putting things off is a sure way to produce an ineffective business and your brand will pay for it. I have not even mentioned your pocketbook…that’s obvious!

Beat procrastination by building up new habits that make you get BEEP done, like scheduling in time to do the things you’ve put off.  Habit breaking and making takes time to take effect, so keep this in mind as you’re struggling to stop your learned habit of procrastination and creating a new habit of getting things done.

In other words, if you feel like this “P” word is holding you back from being the most powerful business or brand possible. If so, its time to figure out how to train yourself out of this habit which is done by consciously adopting new patterns to apply daily. This is work. This is daily.

I  made a decision I do not like the qualities of someone who procrastinates and just like I am training myself consciously (and with a ton of effort) to get my stuff done when I say I am!


The Branding Journey

Where do you start? Try HERE (Link to details of what to do post) This is my breakdown of the steps to start taking and in which order to help you get some clarity on just how you are going to build your beast of a brand. 

Step 2 Educate yourself baby! It does not matter what you do, you do business! Now its time to get familiar with some “business-type” stuff. The more time you invest in learning how to operate the ins and outs of it all, the more powerful you become. So here (link to resources post)is a list of software and resoures which I have personally studied and I think you shoulf too.

Step 3 Step into Action. Time to Build your Brand. What does this look like? Create a Powerful Brand à You decide your Marketing Platrforms. This is really where you are going to be feateures on (broadcast, radio, print etc) -à Then you create your media list (your contacts) à Pitch yourself my sending them your Press Kit or portfolio 

Step 4 Keep dong step 3 in such a big way so that you are financially profitable and doing something your LOVE in a big way

Wanna know how I did “IT”?

I can’t even begin to tell you how often people ask me how I did it. What is it?

What does that even mean? I guess we are talking about how I was able to quite my job and do what I love every day. Kick it in spandex and workout while it all being financially rewarding.

Was it easy? Hell Nooooooooo

But there is a strategy here Folks! I can’t tell you how often it makes me cringe when people talk to me about wanting to do something., yet they are not wiling to put in the time. What ever happened to some GOOD OL’ FASHION HUSTLE!

I just love a good old Fashion WORK YOUR ASS OFF ATTIDDE!

What do you think? Do you agree with what I’m saying in this video?

Let me know!!