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Entrepreneurs as well as “get-it-done” kinda people are motivated now more than ever to create powerful businesses and lives by leveraging their passions and taking control of both their time and income.

Meet Stephanie Joanne – a success coach for up and coming entrepreneurs as well as established brands and business owners. Since leaving the corporate world just 3 years ago, she has grown her multiple business ventures and brands to be of wild demand. Today, she is ready to show you how to achieve your highest human potential by guiding you to success: body, brand and business!

Learn from a recognized and proven leader

Over the past few years Stephanie has established her own personal brand with over 200 media appearances including: eTalk, CTV, Reader’s Digest, Chatelaine Magazine, Hello! Magazine and the Slice network. She has worked with an impressive roster of companies including Nike, VitaCoco, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Adidas providing a range of services under the public relations and marketing umbrella.

Stephanie reaches her audiences via her robust social media platforms as well as offline appearances including speaking engagements, workshops and networking events.

She advocates health and fitness as a necessity when striving for peak human potential, through her lifestyle brand – Stephanie Joanne Living- audiences are motivated and educated about fitness, nutrition, body images as well as mental well-being.

If you are searching for success and ready to take powerful action in life, then its time to jump on board. Through Stephanie’s blogs, webinars, newsletters and exclusive mastermind groups she will motivate and inspire you to take on the world by working with you to build the career path of your dreams- and making it happen!

So whether you are a student, aspiring entrepreneur, a lost soul, or an established business powerhouse, you are about to learn the foundation and strategies from the woman who has been named one of the “10 people who will change your life” by CityLife next to Celebrity Investor and business man Robert Herjavec from the Shark Tank and Dragons Den.

Get Started With SJ – Programs, Products and Coaching

Stephanie is most known for her raw and honest delivery which will help you craft your visions into reality. She prides herself in teaching highly motivated human being how to get what they want personally and professionally in the most badass, unconventional and in-your-face kind of way.

She has created her Branding Bootcamp Video Course, which teaches you the most affordable, do-it-yourself, PR solution that you can use to generate a massive following for your brand by tapping into the media.

Her private coaching and mentoring programs offer opportunities to personally work with Stephanie one-on-one. Whether in person or virtually via Skype, SJ offers many levels of coaching, consulting and training.

SJ's Blog & Recent News

I’m a (impression) Junkie

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck the point is of trying to get yourself (or your brand) “out there”?

Why would you spend your time guest writing or even being interviewed by other platforms?

The one (hopefully) obvious reason is exposure.

BUT the other winning factor is collecting as many impressions as you can.

What the heck am I talking about?

In this weeks episode of #ASKSJ I answer Meghan’s question who asked what the heck the deal is with these impressions I keep talking about.

Wanna be an impression junkie with …

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I need more hours in the day!!! You too?

Increasing productivity when branding yourself; The vital Day To Day Game plan

Do you own a business? Are you trying to build a brand? Then you probably know that... First, you need to know exactly what must be done. Second, even if you do not have a specific deadline, you must also decide when it must be done. And finally… the...

Should you get your Brand on TV yet?

                      Do you ever find yourself thinking – what do “they” have that gets them on tv all the time? After all, couldn’t this be you? Brands and Business who manage to get their hands on a ton of exposure are not necessarily “better” or “connected” or working with a fancy PR agency. In this episode of #ASKSJ, John...

2 Little Known Factors that kill productivity

Productivity Time

Time is not a commodity. There are two factors that will steal your time, energy and your umph to get things done.

One you already know and the other is a little known productivity thief.

You need to know about both if you want to get anything done.

If you’re a busy person needing to get things done could be tough most of the time. As a busy entrepreneur myself I know that procrastination can and will get in the way of anything whether it be personally or professionally. It’s the worst!

There’s …

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SJ’s Short Cut P.L.A.N.

The Game Plan to get shit done

Doesn’t everyone always say…don’t take shorts cuts?? FOR REAL? I  love to take short cuts! Especially when it comes to my business. Why fiddle around with time-consuming nonsense when there are quick fixes that get things done. I’m sure a many of you are thinking... if I take short cuts...